My Life is a Cartoon

Maybe my life is not a cartoon, but I do like to draw little cartoons about some of the things going on in my life.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


New Things

I know I need to be posting. I'm spending a lot of my spare time on a new relationship. I'm still doing the bible cartoons. One really neat thing is that Nov 14th 2009 there was a page out of the bible that had blown onto my driveway at the exact same time and spot where I went out to put something into the back of my truck. Then Nov 14th 2010 I met and began to get to know someone who is really wonderful. After 16 years of being alone and many years before that in an abusive relationship it's really a really wonderful thing to have God's hand in this.


At 2/06/2011 3:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, let me say publicly that I am so happy for you.



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