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Saturday, September 19, 2009



Since I liked the side bangs I decided to cut some straight across bangs. As I said I have not had bangs since that time when I was a kid. I had forgotten that I have a cowlick.

So I pulled my bangs down and cut them straight across. They did not stay straight across. They kicked up on the right side where my cowlick is. I'm going to try laying them down with some kind of hair gel and see if that works otherwise no straight down bangs for me. ;-)

Quote: A bad hair cut is two people's shame - Danish Proverb (Since I cut my hair, it's just one person who has to feel the shame ;-)


At 9/20/2009 2:57 am, Blogger Janet said...

Those rotten cow licks! I have one at the back of my neck and if I have a hair cut that is at my hair line, my hair does all sorts of funky things. Sigh.

At 9/21/2009 4:10 pm, Blogger Nankin said...

My so n has a double cow lick on the crown of his head. I used to tell him that the Aztec thought this was good luck and he would have been a sacrifice for sure.

At 9/21/2009 11:49 pm, Blogger Moggy said...

Janet - I'm glad I'm not alone

Nankin - That is so evil, I wish I had thought of it ;-)

At 9/24/2009 1:40 pm, Blogger Pam said...

I like the bangs, Moggy. I have a slight cowlick that affects my bangs on the right side. One day I tried my daughter's straightener (flat iron? whatever they call it...) and it worked great.

At 9/25/2009 12:29 am, Blogger Moggy said...

Pam thanks for the hint I may have to try that.


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