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Sunday, January 06, 2008


Another Dream

This time I dreamed about my Grandparents old house. The land there was mostly sand and we loved to play out in it. The ditches beside the road that ran past their house were just wonderful sand to play in.

The dream was not that great. There was a tiny big eyed black cat in the house and it wasn't like my Grandparents were there, even in the dream they had passed away years before.

Today I'm going to help a friend move some things in her house to get ready for her father to get out of the hospital and come to her place. She is getting a hospital bed for him. He is in his 90's and so can't be left alone. She is so sweet and she really loves her Dad. He is a wonderful person and has a very clear mind.

Quote: “Why does no one confess his sins? Because he is yet in them. It is for a man who has awoke from sleep to tell his dreams” - Seneca


At 1/07/2008 10:07 pm, Blogger New Fool said...

Interesting quote--I think most people don't want to admit they did something bad if they're still doing it. They wait until it's behind them, so they can say "Yeah that was bad but it's all over now." Nobody wants to admit they are out of control this very moment and don't know how to stop. People don't like hearing others admit that, either. They would rather hear someone lie and say they're fine.

At 1/08/2008 3:06 am, Blogger Moggy said...

I thought it was a good quote. I think most of us are in denial while we are in a bad situation and can only really see it after we get out.


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