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Monday, March 03, 2008


I got a new refrigerator

I got my new refrigerator delivered Saturday. It wasn't really pink ;-)

The latest on the house is that it should be really mine Monday. The seller didn't sign the paper early enough Friday for the lender to get the money for them.

Church was really good today. (as usual)
If you would like to hear an example of what the pastor of my church sounds like, click here to listen.

Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to the garage makes you a car. - Dr. Laurence J. Peter


At 3/03/2008 2:21 am, Blogger Janet said...

Bummer. I thought your fridge WAS pink when I saw the picture. Shattered illusions.

At 3/03/2008 2:44 am, Blogger Moggy said...

janet - I'm sorry, I could always paint it pink.

At 3/03/2008 9:51 pm, Blogger New Fool said...

Appliances are electrifying.

At 3/04/2008 10:17 am, Blogger Moggy said...

NF - especially if they are in bright pink


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