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Friday, October 03, 2008


Pretzel Dog

I ran to the mall at lunch with my friend. We were in a hurry and the only place close to where we were for food woas Auntie Anne's which has pretzel dogs. So we got one of the long ones and split it. I figured I got about 400 calories from my part of it.

I think now that I'm only allowing myself so many calories a day, I'm picky about what I eat. I don't like to spend too many calories on one little thing that is not all that good. Well actually it was good and I also got a cheese sauce (100 calories) with it.

I tried on some things, but I keep telling myself that I don't get to buy anything else until I get rid of some of the stuff I have now.

Quote: I want to shake off the dust of this one-horse town. I want to explore the world. I want to watch TV in a different time zone. I want to visit strange, exotic malls...I want to live, Marge! Won't you let me live? - Dan Castellaneta


At 10/05/2008 12:02 am, Blogger Janet said...

A pretzel dog? Never heard of them.....

I'm with you on not wanting to spend your calories on things that taste yucky. Like....milk chocolate. Why eat it, when you could eat delicious dark?

At 10/05/2008 1:17 am, Blogger Moggy said...

A pretzel dog is just a hot dog that has the pretzel dough wrapped around it and cooked instead of a bun.

My weight is still doing good. I've have more people notice ;-)


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