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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Mending Fences

I got a note from the city suggesting that I mend my fence. I haven't went out to look at it yet, but I think one or two of the fence boards fell down.

It has been so hot that I have not really been out in my back yard lately. I guess this will be my weekend project.

That and mowing and I am susposed to take notes at my painting class saturday for my friend who has to be out of town. The good think is that it will probably make me take better notes.

Quote: All human errors are impatience, a premature breaking off of methodical procedure, an apparent fencing-in of what is apparently at issue. - Franz Kafka


At 7/17/2009 2:37 am, Blogger Janet said...

Git along little doggy.....yee haw! Happy fence-mending!

At 7/17/2009 4:30 am, Blogger Moggy said...

Since I don't really have room for a pony, I wonder if the neighbors would think I was crazy if I rode my fence on a stick horse ;-)


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