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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Oklahoma City

I spent half of Friday night lost in Oklahoma City with one of my blond friends driving. We did a lot of back tracking and finally got to the hotel after midnight. What happened to us was that the hotel we stayed at was in a small town near Oklahoma City, but it had the same street address as one in Oklahoma City. We had a mapquest map that was not only to the wrong place, but also very hard to follow.

I didn't realized that today was the 13th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, but at the conference we went to they had a time of silence to remember.

I ended up getting home after 10:00 today, but it was a good trip. We had fun and learned a lot.

Quote: We're all pilgrims on the same journey-but some pilgrims have better road maps. - Nelson DeMille


At 4/21/2008 1:44 am, Blogger New Fool said...

You're lucky you get to go to these things. I wish my employer sent me to stuff like that. Instead they're looking for new and better ways to gyp us.

At 4/21/2008 10:44 am, Blogger Moggy said...

I am lucky, but this conference had nothing to do with work.

At 4/22/2008 4:45 am, Blogger A Life Inspired said...

Hmmmm, another "blonde friend" mishap. I see why Moggy has orange hair now -- must not confuse her with the blonde girls. ... :-)

At 4/22/2008 12:29 pm, Blogger Moggy said...

I have thought of trying being blond - just once


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