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Maybe my life is not a cartoon, but I do like to draw little cartoons about some of the things going on in my life.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Drive by Hair Style

At lunch my friend dropped me off at the Beauty Shop on her way to the store and then came back for me. Do you think she was trying to tell me something ;-)

I usually cut my own hair and I don't always have it completely even. The lady kept pointing that out to me. I don't think it will stop me from cutting it. Next time I will just check it out a little closer for evenness.

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At 7/31/2008 4:17 pm, Blogger Janet said...

LOL! I cut most of my family's hair but I would NEVER be brave enough to cut my own. Although I have been known to tackle my bangs once in awhile, when I get really annoyed with them.

At 7/31/2008 4:18 pm, Blogger Janet said...

PS- My five year old was very concerned about cartoon Moggy. She thought you got run over and was worried. LOL! I told her you're really just that skinny....:-)

At 7/31/2008 10:14 pm, Blogger Moggy said...

janet - I guess the picture did look a little like I got ran over ;-)

At 8/04/2008 2:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you got run over also...and the driver looked quite gleeful too!

Or, you could cut your hair a couple inches shorter on one side. I used to know a lady who wore her hair like that. It angled down from the short side to the long side. I'm surprised your stylist didn't mention the orange hair.

At 8/04/2008 9:46 pm, Blogger Moggy said...

Al - I like the idea of having my hair short on one side. I try to keep it behind my ear, but if it was short I wouldn't have to draw as much hair.


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