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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Bad Dream

I think that God has shown me some things in this dream that I need to work on. Nothing new really, but just things that I was stuck about and didn't really want to do anything about. Not that I wanted to stay stuck. ;-(

I wont post the entire dream, because it was way too long.

I dreamed that I was taking my niece to a movie. When I was there at the ticket window I put three fives in the window and the clerk took two of them and said it wasn't enough.

I pushed the other five to her. Then she said she hadn't gotten anything. I tried to explain and meanwhile my niece had wandered off. There was a long line behind me and so I just paid for the tickets one more time.

I spent the rest of the dream trying to find my niece even yelling out her name in the theater and around the theater, which was like a carnival with a lot of things to interest a kid. - just so you know I have never lost my niece.


At 9/16/2008 6:42 pm, Blogger Janet said...

That would scare me to death! I HATE dreams of when I lose people!!!

At 9/18/2008 1:08 am, Blogger Moggy said...

While I'm in the dream it doesn't seem as bad as it would in real life.


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