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Saturday, September 13, 2008


less of me

I'm still counting calories and it's going really well. I'm actually eating better than normal. My daily food goes something like this.

1st thing in the morning yogurt
then one french toast made with a little real butter, one egg and 1 slice of 35 or 45 calorie bread.
Mid morning snack - granola bar or piece of fruit
lunch usually soup and somthing with it like cornbread.
Mid evening snack - fruit or granola bar or yogurt
Supper - I try to eat some type of low calorie vegetable (I really like green beans) with a piece of chicken or beef or pork.
Before I go to bed I have yogurt again.

I was trying to eat aroung 200 calories every three hours., so six times a day. I have not been able to do that, but I have kept the snacks at 200 or less most of the time and then added to the meals so that I never go under 1200 calories. I'm trying to eat between 1200 and 1500 calories a day till I reach my goal. This might not be healthy for some people, but I'm pretty short.

Here are some low calorie things I have found that I like. Wolf Brand Turkey Chili - 1 cup 160 calories and it actually tastes good, there are a lot of low calorie soups, del monte peaches with splenda. I feel like I'm eating a lot, but I'm not eating a lot of calories.

I made cornbread today, which is not so low calorie, but I only ate a little of it with my soup.

I bought some size 6 pants and I really didn't think they would fit just yet, but they do. ;-)


At 9/14/2008 6:57 pm, Anonymous Two Kayaks said...

Congrats!!! You are very disciplined and I am so proud of you!

At 9/14/2008 8:25 pm, Blogger Janet said...

WOO HOOOO! Size 6? That's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm proud of you too!

At 9/14/2008 10:37 pm, Blogger Moggy said...

;-) I think with me losing this slowly it's something that I can just keep doing instead of my previous trying to lose fast.

At 9/17/2008 3:22 am, Blogger Salt-n-light said...

slow but sure, that wins the race :) I spent my weekend recovering from oral surgery :(

At 9/17/2008 9:46 am, Blogger Moggy said...

salt - I bet that's good for the loss of a lb at least, I hope it won't be too painful.


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