My Life is a Cartoon

Maybe my life is not a cartoon, but I do like to draw little cartoons about some of the things going on in my life.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Why do I do it ;-(

I told a friend of mine that I would make one of those things for her that you stand behind to have your picture taken. I'm making it for her family reunion which is next weekend. That gives me one week to do it.

I decided to paint a saloon girl and a wanted poster with her family names on it. I thought it would not be too hard because I only have to paint one arm and shoulder and the rest would be fabric and nothing really hard to paint.

Can I pull this off in this short amount of time (kind of like my self imposed deadline ;-/) well I don't really know, but we will see.

Quote: Fortune knocks at every man's door once in a life, but in a good many cases the man is in a neighboring saloon and does not hear her - Mark Twain


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