My Life is a Cartoon

Maybe my life is not a cartoon, but I do like to draw little cartoons about some of the things going on in my life.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Dr Visit Tomorrow

I have an appointment tomorrow. I've been coughing and can't stop. I think it's the cat that is causing the problem, but neither him or I are going anywhere so I need to find a solution.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Did I mention

Someone served me fresh squezed orange juice while I was visiting this weekend ;-)


Monday Monday (music playing ;-)

Time to get back to work. Actually I don't mind too much, at least I like my job (which I couldn't say a month ago) My key chain broke before I got in yesterday so The Boy gave me an extra one that he had. Next time I'm at the store I think I will go ahead and get myself a nice key chain. I have just been using whatever someone handed me and nothing special. I also need something that is a bright color so I can find it ;-)


I'm back at my place now

Here I am under the moss covered, twisted oak trees at Lost Acre Ranch ;-) It's really a wonderful place. I feel refreshed after visiting there. Also after visiting with my friend. I took the bright band off my 70's hat and converted it to a country girl hat for the trip.

There was one tree with the perfect place to paint a little hobbit door or some sort of creature door. Maybe I will get to that one of these days. I'm going to try to get back in my painting class this saturday, but I've got to get all my stuff together because it's been a couple of months since I painted.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Weird Dreams

I dreamed that a big trash truck came up when I was getting ready to head out for my three day weekend and a man and woman got out. She was wearing a red jumpsuit and had long orange hair all over her face and head. In the dream that wasn't an odd thing. That didn't strike me as odd, but it did seem odd that they were here and it wasn't trash day. They said I had some trash in my yard that I needed to pick up or I would get a citation. There were a couple of plastic grocery bags with stuff in them on the far side of my yard and I picked them up. I was wearing a long robe as I wasn't finished getting ready.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


It's almost friday ;-)


Today I will try to watch my words

I need to work on this graphic some more. I'm trying to look at a daily bible reading and pull something out of it for a graphic. I will still do my own life drawings.

Here is a great place to listen to a daily bible reading.


Some things I can do, that I don't want to

It's funny how some things your not susposed to do are so tempting. Then there are things that are okay to do and I just don't want to.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I went back and changed this post

I don't usually go back, but in this case I thought I would. I had written about a radio broadcast I was listening to. - no cartoon --- sorry


This links to a web site that I have enjoyed reading for years (not even sure how many) I know that I found this site at least 6 or 7 years ago and it's always been great. Just click on the box below to get there.


Some rules are easy to follow ;-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Tuesday Evening Weather

There was a pretty thick fog on the way home. The thing I have always loved about the fog is that you can imagine almost anything could be out in the distance. I'm pretty sure that what is in the picture is somewhere in the very far distance ;-)


Foggy Tuesday

Driving in the fog is always sort of a surreal experience. I don't think the fog will be very thick. Well I better stop talking about it and just go and experience it ;-)


I'm watching an old movie

I found a place on the internet where I could watch an old movie - so far so good. I think it's almost over and it's been downloading pretty smooth.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Cute start to the morning ;-)

I woke up before the alarm went off this morning and I noticed that when the alarm went off The Cat started to purr. I guess he knows that I usually pet him when I first wake up. It was really cute to hear him purr along with the alarm (which is really a tune and not a loud buzzer)

The other great thing is that the road on the way to work was not as bad as I expected. No ice in my way. I would have had to drive off very near the edge of the road to have even gotten on any ice and I'm not even sure that it would have been enough to make me slip.


I hope the commute to work is good

From what I hear it sounds like I won't have problems. I really don't mean to be just worrying about myself. I know that I have it better than a lot of people.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


After all it is Sunday

I didn't want to go out, so I looked up ice in the bible. I didn't even know there was anything about ice in the bible, but there is.

By the breath of God ice is given, And the broad waters are frozen. Job 37:10


It's below freezing and drizzeling

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Now for something completely different

I read today on the internet that a man accidently set off some inflatable underwear on a crowded bus. He had invented them himself to keep from drowning in a flood and they expanded to 30 times their original size. Someone had to use a pen to pop them.


I got up at 7:30

This is what I posted earlier, because I thought this is what it was going to be like this morning, but NO. Things don't always turn out like you think they will.

How is that for sleeping late ;-( I think the reason I woke up was because I was really hot under all those covers. I need some kind of self adjusting cover. I was hot for an hour or so even after I got out from under all that cover.

Okay I made myself this nifty chore chart today. Yes I should have been working instead of making this chart, but this is what I was doing. I have assigned minutes to work on each chore and then if I don't do it, I'll move those minutes to Saturday or Sunday. I'm not sure if I can make myself do all this, but we'll see.

Friday, February 17, 2006


My boss let me have friday off

So I'll be packing up The Car and heading south next weekend. I hope it's warm, because it's sure going to be cold this weekend.


The Claws of Morning

I dreamed about work, just weird stuff that doesnt have anything to do with the type of work I do and very little to do with the people I work with.

Today because it's cold, I'm thankful to have a warm place to sleep and food to eat. I'm even thankful for my orange fuzzy sharp clawed alarm clock.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Is it thursday already?

I really like reading about the old west, but my dream wasn't really about that. I'm not sure why the transportation was by stagecoach. But you know that dreams don't always make sense.

At lunch time it was so beautiful outside that my friend and I sat out by the lake and watched the wind blow the fountain water. We counted 27 ducks swimming in the lake. It was refreshing.

Well it seems like the smoke was not so much from anything close by. The sunset was pretty even with the smoke. It's turning really cold, so I'm glad that tomorrow if jeans day. Somehow it's better to bundle up with jeans on.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006



Sorry to the The Boy for the blotch
of color on your face, it's not susposed to be chocolate it's just a mistake. I'll clean it up when I get home ;-)

I did end up getting some flowers from Al Something ;-) and I petted The Cat this morning.

We had an interesting day. There was a car on fire in the Parking Garage first thing this morning. I hope the person had another way to get around and good insurance. As I said I'm tired, but I have fried chicken left over from when I went to the store yesterday. So I should be able to re- coop (get it chicken + coop) <-- sorry about that ;-)


Valentines Day at Work

Monday, February 13, 2006




Typical Monday

Well I had a pretty good day at work. After a little rocky start ;-) I packed up boxes for my move tomorrow. They are going to come by at 9:00 and get all my boxes and move them to the new office.


Desperate Viewer

They usually have a few cute moments and they did, but not enough to overcome the REALLY bad part - blaaaaa.

I did finally get my glasses back together so I can wear them to work tomorrow. I'm just glad I didn't have them fixed before that TV show ;-)

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Church was interesting

I went out and had lunch with the Sunday School Class. It's hard to start all over making friends at a new Church. I think it will be worth it to me to take the time though. Now I'm busy trying to snap the glass back in so I will be ready for Church tomorrow.

I think this may help. I've read that the ionic kinds of air filters are not good for you, but then I don't think cat hair floating all over the place is good either. I will probably give the cat a hair cur, but I don't have the heart to do that until the weather warms up a little.


The party was a lot of fun. They had pizza and a lot of 70's music. There were a lot of people who could dance really dance the 70's dances. I didn't have the nerve to get out there and try, but I did get a T-shirt of best costume and I can it get signed by Boogy Bob. I could tell that he could really dance, but I didn't know that he did it professionaly. They also did a skit of The Dating Game and it worked out really funny. I met a lot more people who I hope to become friends with.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Saturday Cartoon Attempt

I have to say that I don't feel great about the look and feel of this cartoon, I like it better when it's all about me ;-D but this was something I thought about a while back and just haven't gotten all the conversation kinks out yet.


Tomorrow it the Big Day

Not only do I have that 70's party to go to, I have an appointment to have my eyebrows done. I don't really mind, but it has been a while since I had them done. If she has time, I may have her do something else to make me look good ;-)

We had a going away lunch for me at work today. It was fun and one of the things we do if it's a special occasion is get a large desert and everyone gets a clean spoon and then we pass it around and everyone who wants some gets to try it. I like that. I'm going to miss the group I worked with, but I'll still see them because they are not that far away. I did leave one person off my picture, but it was not on purpose.

Friday, February 10, 2006


First Try at a real Cartoon

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Evil Commentor

Someone doesn't like my cartoons, but I didn't create this site for people other than for myself and my friends.

I think my cartoons will get better as I keep working on it. I'm sorry if I have caused someone undue distress because they happened to view my drawings ;-)


My 70's Costume

Okay, I decided to post a couple of real pictures of my costume. I took off the sleeves (not because it's hot) because the dress was a little tight. If I can find some orange boots that would be great, but I probably wont.

One more so you can see my orange Purse and Little CZT (the cat) and also the one I drew so you can see how much it did look like the dress I got.