My Life is a Cartoon

Maybe my life is not a cartoon, but I do like to draw little cartoons about some of the things going on in my life.

Friday, November 30, 2007


Slumber Party

I'm going to a slumber party, gotta run so I will post about it later.

Added Later - We snacked and laughed and ordered pizza. There was some scripture reading, because we were finishing up a book we had been studying. There was honest dialog with each other and some looking you in the eye telling you what I see in you.

And there was some foot washing ;-)

Quote: “Two things upon this changing earth can neither change nor end; the splendor of Christ's humble birth, the love of friend for friend.” - not sure of author

I'm so grateful to have the friends that I have.


Poor Cat

I accidentally left the heater on when I went to work today and The Cat was getting really hot. I feel bad because he has all that fur and I'm going to unplug it from now on when I leave.

I've just been so cold lately that I feel like I need a heater on.

Quote: “No good work is ever done while the heart is hot and anxious and fretted” - Olive Schreiner

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Managing Money

I was going to start next year, but a friend suggested December as a good time to start. I need to take a hard look at where my money goes. I made an excel spreadsheet that I have used to keep track. Time to start again.

Sometimes you don't realize how much of your money is wasted and sometimes for destructive things like cokes and candy.

Quote: “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” - Henry David Thoreau

Monday, November 26, 2007


I didn't get the house

Oh well I guess I will have to try to find more room in my little house. I will probably at least get a storage building and or a gypsy wagon in my back yard.

Just before I found out, I ran by the house during my lunch hour. Every time I saw it I was more sure that it was the house for me. This is not a good time economically and so I probably shouldn't have been thinking about moving, but I wanted more room.

Quote: “I grew up in a very large family in a very small house. I never slept alone until after I was married.” - Lewis Grizzard


My heater stopped working

It's like when we hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. The heater flipped off the breaker box switch and I didn't understand why I was getting so cold.

I just hope that it doesn't have a problem and will keep working now that I found out what happened and flipped it back.

Quote: “All we can hold in our cold dead hands is what we have given away” - not sure who said this

Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's been over a year ;-(

I don't know if you remember, but back in November last year I got this exerciser. When I opened the box to put it together I was intimidated by all the parts and never did get it together.

I took it with me for thanksgiving and got a friend to put it together for me. And he had to do it without the large page of instructions, which I took out of the box to study and didn't put back ;-/

I should be skinny as a rat's tail by new years ;-)

Friday, November 23, 2007


Smoked Turkey

I put the turkey on a really high temperature and ran to the store. My Dad was napping when the fire alarm went off and he took the alarm outside and turned the stove down. Still everything was good.

I had all kinds of plans for dessert, but luckily I picked up a couple of pies because I down't think I would have gotten to it.

I had two friends and two family to eat with me, that's a balanced meal

“There may be a great fire in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke.”
- Vincent van Gogh

Thursday, November 22, 2007


New Tradition

I think I will start a new tradition. Since I'm planning to cook. I'm going to pray before I cook and not just before I eat ;-)

I'm sure that the people who will be eating my cooking have started praying already. Just kidding. I really like to cook, I just don't do it enough to be in practice. There is so much other fun stuff to do. Like drawing cartoons and painting and talking to my friends ;-)

Quote: “There is one thing more exasperating than a spouse who can cook and won't, and that's a spouse who can't cook and will.” - author ?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It's trash day

I have to get busy and get all the trash out. Since I took The boy and The girl to the airport and sent them away for thanksgiving. I missed the trash pickup and will have to put it out next week ;-(

I'll be gone for a couple of days and I was going to take The Cat, but decided not to this time. He is a good rider, but it is a lot of trouble to transport him.

I ended up getting him an automatic feeder and and automatic litterbox. So far both seem to be working pretty well.

Quote: “Our consciences are littered like an old attic with the junk of sheer conviction.” - Wilford O. Cross

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Doctors Office

Today I'm going with my Dad, he has a cancer on his face that we are hoping will be removed at the Dr. Office. It looks sort of like a large mole and his other Doctor is sending him to a specialist to have it removed.

I have always worried that he will get cancer because even though he stopped smoking (cigars) when I was about 11, he started chewing tobacco (remember this is Texas) and then went on to dipping snuff. Yuck this stuff can cause some serious cancer.

I will let you know how it goes, but I'm not really expecting any big news today. Also I'm waiting to hear about the house still.... and I'm still working on my menu for thanksgiving. Too much to do and too little time to do it ;-)

Monday, November 19, 2007


If I get the house

This is the real front door that I will be inside of when someone comes to the door.

If I get the house, I will have a lot of work to do, because it does need some work.

For that matter so does the poor house that I'm living in now. I need to start working on this one so I can sell it and afford the to live in the new one. I would not want to lose both because I could not afford two house payments.

Life: a front door to eternity

- not sure who said that

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I hope I get this

Now that I know that Janet think of me an an artsy house painting in a little room in the attic, I definitely have to move. Where I am now the roof is too low for me to even consider painting in the attic. I've been here for about three years and have never even been in the attic.

As soon as I know I will let everyone know.

Quote: “I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice.” - Albert Einstein

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I found my cell phone

I thought it was probably in my truck. I'm going to look at the house one more time and then make an offer. It has the right feel to it and I think it's the one. I know that your not supposed to buy a house for emotional reasons, and I wouldn't consider it if that was my only reason.

This may be the house that I live in for the rest of my life and so it's a good thing to like it. I thought that about the house I have now, but I wasn't really excited about the prospect of it.

Quote: “A smile is a window on your face to show your heart is at home” - don't know the author

Friday, November 16, 2007


I can't find my cell phone

So I guess instead of talking on the phone, I will just have to sit and pet the cat.

I haven't looked in my truck good. It's dark by the time I get home and that makes me not want to be outside. I'm not a good short day person, I like those long summer days.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to clean out my truck and find my phone. Otherwise I will probably just get a new one.

Quote: “Just think how happy you would be if you lost everything you have right now, and then got it back again.” - Frances Rodman

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Gypsy Moggy

I'm thinking of moving. I found a house that has an extra room for my parents [should the time come that they need it] and I don't have room even for me where I am now. Until then I can use it as an art studio. I badly need a place to paint.

I called my cousin who is a Realtor and I'm going to look at it tomorrow.

If that doesn't pan out, I may have to start thinking about converting my garage into a room, but let's hope it doesn't come to that ;-)

Quote: Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life. -Kitty O'Neill Collins

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I might be a redneck ;-(

The back window of my truck is patched with Plexiglas and duct tape ;-(

Actually my Dad cut a piece of Plexiglas just the right size and there is only one small piece of duct tape on the inside, so it doesn't look too bad.

Quote: You may be a redneck it.....You think the last words to The Star Spangled Banner are "Gentlemen, start your engines." - again not sure who said it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I'm back

I saw the most beautiful clouds as we were flying back. I had my face pressed to the window most of the time.

Before we landed we were surrounded by those big puffy clouds. The kind that you can see shapes in. I even saw a few big foots out there.

Actually yesterday I talked to two ladies who had been watching the History channel and they had a special about a bigfoot in Canada.

Quote: “I think Bigfoot is blurry - that's the problem. It's not the photographers' fault. Bigfoot is blurry. And that's extra-scary to me. There's a large, out-of-focus monster roamin' the countryside. 'Run, he's fuzzy, get out of here.'” - Mitch Hedberg

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Church Bells

One thing I have really liked here is hearing Church Bells. I've never understood why people want to live in a large downtown area, but the Church Bells are nice.

I went exploring a little after the Conference yesterday and did see some pretty old Churches and a Christmas display that they have started setting up that is really cute. It has little old wooden houses.

If I get a disposable camera I'll try to get a picture of some of the things around here.

Quote: “God is not a cosmic bell-boy for whom we can press a button to get things done” - Harry Emerson Fosdick

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The Hotel

The Hotel room is really nice. I have a large screen TV and since I don't have a TV at home I have really been enjoying the remote and watching stuff.

Out the window is a city view which at night is really nice with the tall buildings with little squares of light out the windows with lights on. The street lights and the planes going over are also beautiful out the window.

Quote: “What I like about cities is that everything is king size, the beauty and the ugliness.” - Joseph Brodsky

Monday, November 05, 2007


Happy Birthday to Me

I had some really good cheese cake today and it had this little striped chocolate straw leaning on it. Some guy next to me gave me his straw too, I think he was trying to make up for almost spilling ice all over me, but that doesn't matter because after all it was chocolate ;-)

The conference is really good and I've met a few people to talk to. There are some really nice people here and they aren't even from Texas ;-)

Quote: “Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.” - Father Larry Lorenzoni

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Things did not start well

I locked my keys, cell phone and purse in my truck at the airport. The guy that worked there said they don't help with that anymore. I didn't have extra time and so I kicked out the little back window and pulled off my antena and bent it so that I could fish my key out.

I cut my foot a little because I was wearing sandels, but I got on my plane in time. Now I'm not sure what will happen while I'm gone. I hate that it happened, but I didn't see anything else to do. I need a personal assistant ;-(

Quote: “Friendship is like a glass ornament, once it is broken it can rarely be put back together exactly the same way.” - not sure who said it

Friday, November 02, 2007



I went to get glasses today and I'm thinking of getting contacts. I looked at the different colors and when I said that I like the darker colors the receptionist said that she thought the lighter ones made someone look a little like a cartoon

I'm not sure what's wrong with looking like a cartoon, but it seemed kind of funny to me. ;-)

Quote: “I kind of see myself as a cartoon that's on its way to becoming a real person that has to find that special amulet or mushroom to get to that next realm or level. I don't feel like anything is that tangible. It freaks me out, why I feel unhappy or conflicted and why that can change on a dime.” - Carly Pope